Digital, Interaction and Product Design

Final design studio
Team MSc project - Politecnico
Milan 2020



Aedo is a group project developed in the Final Design Studio of the master degree in Digital and Interaction Design. The brief wanted us to provide a solution to empower people with disability by designing with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. The result of this process is Aedo.

Aedo is a new way to experience Visual Art. Thanks to a special audio guide and an interactive Surface, blind and sighted people can perceive Art through touch: electroadhesion-based friction is used to simulate textures, while heating and cooling areas represent light. A voice-over guides the visitors among cultural places and gives additional specific information based on the area they are touching.

The project was developed with a holistic view. We considered the interaction for blind users, the safety, the ergonomics, the location alongside the ecosystem relating with the product such as the phone that works as audio guide and navigator through an exhibition. And, not less important, the manufacturing process and costs of the product.

Team: Federica Aulenta, Alex Landra, Pietro Lezzani, Chiara Resnati
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