How Gusta

UI and Digital Design

Digtal design Studio
Team MSc project
Politecnico - Milan 2020


This project is born from a collaboration between Bending Spoon and our university. The Brief set by the company was to design an App for smartphone or tablet helping people to improve their cooking skills through recipe inspirations and step by step experience preparing the meal.

The result was a smart assistance application with a feed of recipes based on people's tastes and needs, which assists users from the choice of ingredients to the preparation of the dishes, with a premium section dedicated to chefs' master classes.

Thanks to the use of Figma and Protopie, we developed a working prototype of the application, intended to be not a simple cookbook, but an interactive Chef (smart) Assistant.

The experience starts with an onboarding process that allows to have a feed with recommended dishes based on seasonality, geographical area, tastes, allergies and much more; it gives advice on how to evaluate the quality of ingredients, allowing the user to use an interactive shopping list, and assists each step of the preparation with demonstration videos, timers and connections with smart devices in the kitchen. It also offers the opportunity to participate in live masterclasses of the best chefs.

Team: Federica Auelenta, Alex Landra, Pietro Lezzani, Chiara Resnati.
Digtal Design Studio- DID MSc Polimi






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