Digital and Product Design

Envisioning AI
Team MSc project - Politecnico
Milan 2020



Considering the presence of an AI in our world, the aim of this project was to develop a product and understand which are the features that need to be taken care of while designing.

Given a brief on the large world health care we developed focused on elders and designed Careby.

Careby is a monitoring system for middle stage Alzheimer’s patients which aims to help family caregivers to create a proper routine with the correct activities and connect them with knowledgeable people when needed.
The product is a small monitoring system that the caregiver places on himself or on a surface facing the person to be cared for. It detects signs of emotional distress and lacks attention.

It utilizes AI to understand: face gaze, body position to detect engagement level and speech tone to detect emotion. The connection with people is implemented in the app exploiting collective intelligence algorithms to find the most knowledgeable user to have the best help in the situation.

Team: Alex Landra, Pietro Lezzani, Ayse Mete
Envisioning AI Studio - DID MSc Polimi




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